DCC Buccaneer Athletes NJCAA Academic All-Americans

The National Junior College Athletic Association has released its 2018-2019 Academic All-American recipients.  The athletic department of Dawson Community College was represented well nationally.

Congratulations to our Buccaneer athletes:

Austin Robertson              First Team           4.00       Baseball

Beau Santistevan             First Team           4.00       Basketball

Brett Norby                      First Team           4.00       Baseball

Ebonay Clark                    First Team           4.00       Volleyball

Naomi Castelejin              First Team           4.00       Basketball

Alexa Kappel                    Second Team      3.88       Softball

Alexis Begger                   Second Team      3.88       Volleyball

Alison Ellertson                 Second Team      3.96       Softball

April Davis                        Second Team      3.91       Softball

Centoria Roberts               Second Team      3.96       Basketball

Cole Taylor                        Second Team      3.81       Baseball

Kyle Graham                     Second Team      3.88       Baseball

Lily Pedersen                     Second Team      3.94       Volleyball

Tyler Clapp                        Second Team      3.93       Baseball

Camryn Huston                 Third Team          3.62       Softball               

Erin Campbell                    Third Team          3.63       Volleyball           

Jennifer Smith                   Third Team          3.74       Softball

Trinity Anderson                Third Team          3.78       Softball, Cross Country  

Whitney Bean                    Third Team          3.70       Softball