Bucs Club





The Dawson Community College Bucs Club provides financial assistance to our athletic programs. Member contribute to the athletic department in a variety of ways including promotion of sponsored activities, increased attendance, community support, and fund raising. The funds are used for recruitment, equipment, travel assistance, scholarships and other program enhancements. Through the membership drive, funds are raised by direct contributions of $100 or more. The membership drive is held during the fall each year, but contributions are accepted at any time during the year. Contributors receive membership tickets which can be used for admission to basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball games, as well as to our DCC home rodeo.

The Bucs Club is part of the Dawson College Foundation.  

Just as every student-athlete makes a difference, every person who becomes a member of the Bucs club makes a difference too. Achieving academic and athletic excellence is truly a team sport. By joining our team, you can become an impact player too.

Membership Levels

Black Beard's Crew
Advertising Banner (Gym & Field), 15 Season Tickets, Website Advertising, Recognition in Game Day programs, Advertisement in Media Guide and Bucs Club Gear
Captain's Crew
Advertising Banner in Gym, 10 Season Tickets, Recognition in Game Day programs and Bucs Club Gear
Jolly Roger's Club
8 Season Tickets, Recognition in Game Day programs, Bucs Club Jacket
Navigator's Club
6 Season Tickets, Recognition in Game Day programs, Bucs Club Polo
Master Gunner's Club
2 Season Tickets, Recognition in Game Day programs, Bucs Club Cap

Your membership ticket can be used for admission to basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball games, as well as admission to our DCC Rodeo.



The purpose of the Bucs Club is to assist Buccaneer Athletics in its future growth and development as an integral part of the college and community.

Bucs Club Membership:
Your membership goes to support athletic scholarships, recruiting expenses, travel assistance, equipment purchases and other program enhancements.

Member Benefits:
All members receive passes or season tickets and at some levels Buccaneer gear.

Can the Bucs Club receive my company's matching gift?

Yes.  The DCC College Foundation participates in the corporate matching gift program that is offered by many companies.  Contact your personnel office for a matching gift form.

For any further questions or more information contact Athletic Director Joe Peterson at 406-377-9459 or jpeterson@dawson.edu



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American Bank Center
Edward Jones Investing
Bob's Body Shop
Boss Office Products
Cape Air
Edward Jones
Elks Club
Glendive Coca-Cola
Gust Hauf
Harlow's Bus Service
HKT Big Sky Motors
Holiday Inn Express and Suites
Shane Bishop
Upper Badlands Wind Development
US Air Force
Voya Financial


Glendive Eye Care
Kyle and Eileen Milne
Mike and Cora White


American Ford
Dane and DeAnn Silvernale
Deb Shoopman
Don and Geri Mullendore
Fisher Sand and Gravel
Gary and Judy Huncovsky
Gary and Nancy Mintz
Gibbs Equipment and Towing
Hub International
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Keith and Janet Robinson
Kevin and Tami Nelson
Koch Furniture
Mon-Dak Construction
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Allan and Amber Hrubes
American Ford
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Badlands FCU
Beer Jug
Bill and Rita Hanley
Bill and Teresa Wade
Blue Sky Storage
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Border Steel and Recycling
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Bruce Miller Painting
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Cross Petroleum Service
Curt and Iris Milne
Dale Nyberg
Darla Handran
Dave and Deb Linn
Dave and Sharon Jolovich
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David Barnick
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Doug and Carol Byron
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Ed and Lori Hilbert
Ekland Inc.
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General Distribution Company
Gibbs Auto Parts Carquest
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Gordon and Gertrude Kolberg
Greg and Karma Boehning
Guelff Lumber
Guns N Things
James and Lois Vogele
James Kusnyer
Jay and Shelly Morasko
Jay Miller
Jerome and Etta Maher
Joetta Pearcy
Johnny and Jennifer Rieger
Kathleen O'Leary
Keith Boeckel
Kevin and Tami Nelson
Kevin and Ladora Baisch
Kyle and Eileen Milne
Lance and Sandy Silha
Larry Melton
Les Widman
Lew and Eileen Melby
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Matt and Amy Hull
Mike and Carole Wilondek
Mike and Laura Grubb
Mike and Wendy Jensen
Mike Jones
Milo Boigt
Monte and Kim Finn
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