DCC Wins a Nail-Biter in Overtime

DCC Wins a Nail-Biter in Overtime

The Lady Buccaneers of Dawson Community College have won their first official road game of the season.  It was a rematch between the Lady Bucs of DCC and the Lady Storm of Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College.  In the first meeting, DCC defeated NHSC 83-54.  The game was much different in the second matchup, where the Lady Bucs of DCC had to claw their way out of New Town, ND with an overtime score of 80-74.

In the first half, the Lady Bucs were up by 15 points, ending the first half with the score of 39-28.  However, in the last minutes of regulation, the Lady Storm reflected exactly who they were as they “stormed” their way back into the game converting several 3 point plays.  In the last 4 seconds of the game, Shayla Gayton of NHSC made a lofty half court buzzer ending shot to tie the game 65-65.  That was her only 3 point shot of the game.  Jess Hale caused havoc in the post for NHSC as she poured in 29 points with an array of inside and outside scoring attacks.

The Lady Bucs kept their calm knowing that this was going to be an intense game due to the matchup last week and due to their coach, Clinton Wolf, missing a few games for medical treatment and showing up at the Northern Lights Gym for this game in illness mode.  Head Coach Romeo Lagmay said, “I knew that team was going to play with lots of emotion.  Head Coach Clinton Wolf is an inspiration to them, and it was going to be a rough night for us.  Sure enough they came to win for their coach Wolf.  We’ve always had tough battles in winning ball games in New Town, but I was very proud to see that our new set of freshmen kept their cool and stayed focus at the task at hand.  I believe this sign of resiliency matured us very fast and will help us in the long run during tough games ahead of us.”

Lexia Bell-White led DCC with 20 points, scoring 11 for 15 from the free throw line, especially down the stretch.  Julia Robarge and Ejanae Coopwood scored 14 points apiece.  Emily Harwood was also in double figures with 14 points.  Alexius Foster came off the bench to chip in a much needed 9 points.

DCC will rest up to play a 3-game back to back home series starting Friday, November 10th vs. University of Jamestown JV at 5:30 pm, on Saturday, November 11th vs. Salish Kootenai College at 4:00 pm, and then on Sunday, November 12th vs. Rocky Mountain College at 2:00 pm.